Compliance or certification?

Is your certificate worth the paper its written on?

Organisations that are new to management systems often ask about the difference between compliance and certification, especially when following recognised standards like ISO.

In simple terms, compliance might mean that the organisation is following the ISO standard (or parts of it.) Trust, however, is low nowadays so people don’t believe compliance is enough. They want to see a certificate!

However, not all certificates are the same. You could have a certificate automatically issued by opexo once you hit 100%, that states you are compliant. 100% complete on a management system still doesn’t mean you are demonstrating that in practice, or that it is the right scope for your powerful stakeholder’s interests.

Some consultants and software providers still do this today and mark their own homework, but its really not worth the paper it is written on. Powerful stakeholders that understand this area will want to see some form of independent certification.

The most recognised and acceptable independent certificates are issued by UKAS* certified auditors known as Certification Bodies.  They are organisations that have been evaluated by UKAS to be competent in delivering an independent external audit to an agreed standard and are authorised to issue ISO certificates that can be trusted.

We have good knowledge of Certification Bodies so if you don’t already have one in mind for your assessment, get in touch and we can share our experiences.

*UKAS has a UK focus.  Alternative bodies exist internationally.

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