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Creating Users in opexo

For security purposes only your nominated system administrators (opexo administrators) have the ability to create new users.

It takes less than 30 seconds to add a new (registered) user in line with the process below:

  1. To create a new user simply click on your name in the top right of the screen and choose  ‘organisation settings’ from the drop down menu
  2. On the registered users page click ‘create new user’ button
  3. Add the appropriate contact details then decide on whether to grant standard user or opexo administrator rights to the new user
  4. To help the user with a fast start and easy orientation, add them to the relevant work areas – simply expand up the work initiatives e.g. Projects, Tracks etc to choose what to add them to – it is then all configured automatically for the user in the background
  5. Choose whether to send a custom welcome and where to send them on log on
  6. Finally click the ‘create’ button to set the user up with the desired configuration and they will receive a welcome email following the same quick and easy new user registration process you took

In addition to the fast start access above, registered users can also be easily added to any initiatives on the platform by simply searching for them as part of adding a team member to specific areas of work.

Note – for security purposes the link contained within this email notification for the new user to get started is only valid for 3 days, if the user does not set their password within this time they’ll have to use the ‘forgotten password’ process to receive a new welcome email.

Licencing of users to your subscription plan

Your subscription plan will be updated in line with the terms to reflect any additional users that you add into the platform.

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