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opexo prebuilt initiatives and creating new work

Prebuilt initiatives

opexo has prebuilt specific work initiatives (and where appropriate provided ISO level documentation) that helps you get particular management system jobs done well.

Examples are shown below that give you relevant structure and discipline for your work as well as saving you a huge amount of time in the implementation and ongoing delivery of the management system. All these prebuilt initiatives are easy to adopt, adapt and add to for your unique work environment.

It’s straightforward to use the prebuilt initiatives as they ‘do what it says on the tin’

  • the Information Security Incident Management Track is great for managing security incidents
  • the Audit Plan and Delivery area is brilliant for your internal and external audit work
  • the ISO Integrated Policies & Controls initiative is excellent for developing and managing that activity.

Once underway you will also see Recently accessed work in the right-hand column of the ‘Work’ drop down menu (see the image below). There are many simple ways to access your work, such as favourites on your homepage. Recently Accessed is a quick and easy way back to initiatives you have recently been working on.

You can jump into any of the prebuilt initiatives right now and start getting work done!

opexo allows you to create new work easily too

In addition to the prebuilt work we also give you access to the master features behind each work area;  Projects, Tracks, Groups and Accounts. This means you can create your own areas for related work as needed. What you get access to automatically depends on your subscription but you can upgrade at any time to enjoy the benefits of them all.

If you want to extend and develop your management system further, then simply navigate to the relevant work area e.g. Projects. You’ll see a create new button to the top right of the Projects listing page. It’s the same approach for Groups, Tracks and Accounts…….it’s really easy to get started.

The initiative types are a pragmatic choice for achieving lots of other work – no deep expertise is required. Further explanations for Projects, Tracks, Groups and Accounts are described through the links below so you can choose the right area to get other work done if you want to go beyond the prebuilt initiatives.

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