Why opexo

The secure, cloud-delivered, all in one place management system for growing businesses

Helping you achieve success quickly, with a compelling return on your investment

Why opexo? Because we have been in your shoes, felt the pain, learned the lessons and built a solution so you don’t have to.

Alliantist is the organisation behind opexo. As a small business back in 2011 we wanted to achieve UKAS independently certified ISO 27001 to win and develop a part of our pam business.  We initially took a number of wrong turns, including wasting money on poor documentation kits, taking expensive consultant advice that didn’t reflect our business goals, and using rubbish ISO focused software that slowed us down. The daily rate equivalent of our time spent faffing about over many weeks was significant. There had to be a better way.

So we designed, built and developed our own management system securely in the cloud. Our UKAS auditor and many of our customers said it was the best information security management system (ISMS) they had ever seen. A new idea to help others that were also struggling was then born…..

It led us to develop ISMS.online for organisations of all sizes. ISMS.online customers are serious about information security and want to invest more heavily in that particular area, especially with growing regulation and cyber crime.

That also created demand by small growing businesses challenged to achieve ISO 27001 by their powerful customers.  They also had the same staff working on quality, environmental, health & safety management systems, all with limited time and budget constraints.

Small and growing businesses are an important part of larger supply chains.  With increasing pressure from powerful stakeholders, they need more help in their overall management system work, with less of the ISMS features that bigger businesses want.  So we invented opexo.

The opexo business management system is now available for you at a fraction of the cost, all of the benefit and (almost) none of the pain. Implementing and maintaining management systems is not always easy because there is so much to do. We have however made the experience much better so you can concentrate on achieving your goals, not getting delayed or lost on the path to them! We just have a desire to equip you with all the tools you need to succeed in this increasingly challenging world of work.

Underpinning opexo is a well-proven infrastructure and investment pedigree that has already had millions of pounds investment because it sits within the core of our product portfolio, our customers and we use it daily ourselves. It is also why we can we offer opexo at such a low subscription cost given the scope and service benefits versus alternatives you might encounter in the market.

Few other providers in this software space can point towards that investment. Many have poor user experience, weak resilience and some don’t even have their own ISO certified ISMS so rely on third-party data centre credentials. Would you trust them to keep your valuable information safe? You’ll also see that many software providers talk about their service on their website but don’t actually display screenshots or show demonstrations online.

We are proud to share opexo. There is no long-term contract commitment so you stick with opexo only if you want to, not because you have to. We believe the functionality and benefits are compelling and hope you agree as well. It’s a solution at a price small growing businesses can afford, and that powerful stakeholders can trust as well.

opexo is part of the Alliantist family

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