Should you build or buy a management system?

What do you and your stakeholders expect from it?

There are many ways to build and maintain management systems. They range from a no-tech paper-based system, through to all in one place hi-tech management systems that cost many millions of pounds to implement and even more to manage in life.

Neither will meet interested parties needs or be right for your small growing business success. Given the potential return on investment (both in threats and opportunities) it is worth getting right.

So perhaps you should also consider those powerful stakeholders who might include: your leadership, shareholders, customers, regulators, suppliers, partners, trade associations, external auditors, and employees.  In addition to your expectations, what do they need to see that will give them the confidence your business can deliver on its promise?

Free is not all it seems when you consider DIY

We’ve all been there. We have Google, we’ve got Sharepoint, we know how to use email, Excel and Word. How tough can it be to design, build and maintain a management system after all?  Is that really your core competence and what you want to spend time on?

We have lost count of the number of times that auditors have told us they issue a non-conformance failure because of a poorly managed system that is built from within a shared folder drive or generic collaboration space.

The administrator can’t find a policy, has forgotten to do a review or is unable to evidence good control of the system. The auditor then digs deeper and deeper to uncover far more issues…you can imagine how it ends…loss of certificate, loss of business, wasted time etc.

These personal productivity tools do have their place but are not the core of the management system itself. The perceived path of ‘free’ ends up costing so much more when you value your time and the opportunity cost of not focusing that energy on your business. It can take hundreds of days to build a management system from scratch, get it independently certified, then sustain that year on year in each audit. What else could you achieve in that time inside your business and what is the consequence from taking months longer than needed?

If you use spreadsheets to run your accounting, to act as a CRM, then we understand it’s likely you’ll want to do the same for your management system, at least until it breaks. If however you use something like Xero or Sage for your accounting, MailChimp and a recognised CRM for your sales & marketing, then opexo will do the right job for you here too. Unlike those systems, we have also preconfigured and substantially built your management system all in one place so you don’t need to add other costly plugin solutions!

opexo Pricing options

We have 3 packages for you to choose from depending on your goals, and clear pricing to suit the size of your team.

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