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Our monthly subscription pricing means you’ll always be clear on what you pay, and you only pay for what you need.

The best tools at an incredible price

Subscriptions are a fraction of the total cost of other solutions when you consider the design, build, implementation and ongoing management, as well as the scope of service and capability opexo offers. Choose your path now, knowing you can always add to it or change direction easily in future.

QEHS Package

For QMS, EMS, OH&S and more

ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001

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Security Package

For ISMS, personal data protection

ISO 27001 and security aspects of GDPR

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Combined Package

For QMS, EMS, OH&S, ISMS & more

ISO 9001, 14001, 45001, 27001, GDPR

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opexo platform preconfigured and ready to use with up to 3 users included*

Policies & controls workspaces for build, management and collaboration including versioning, audit trails, approvals workflows, documents, notes, tasking and discussions

Management system automated reporting, progress indicators, work insight at a glance, and exporting

Head start actionable documentation to adopt, adapt and add to for requirements, policies and controls, including tips and templates

Risk method and tool for evaluation, treatment and ongoing management

People awareness & communications group for collaboration and tasking

Audit plan management & delivery for internal & external audits

Management Reviews and Board workspace with KPIs

Nonconformities, incidents, corrective actions and improvement tracker with evidence management

Unlimited Projects and creating repeatable frameworks for consistent practice

Unlimited Group workspaces for simple sharing and collaboration

Unlimited Tracks for tracking work with consistent simple processes

Personal profiles, on platform updates, email notifications digests and instant alerts

Document management, storage, discussions, notes recording, tasking, simple KPIs, versioning, audit trails, timestamping

Automated Statement of Applicability reporting for Annex A controls in ISO 27001:2013/17

Information Asset Inventory and tracker to manage valuable assets and connect up to risks, policies & controls work in line with Annex A8.1.1

Information security HR Lifecycle frameworks for recruitment, induction and exit for Annex A.7

Information security & privacy by design in projects framework for Annex A.6.1.5 and GDPR compliance

Information security Business Continuity Plan for Annex A.17

Information security incident Tracker for Annex A.16 incidents, events and weaknesses (with tagging for GDPR too)

Secure cloud hosting in the UK with end to end certified ISO 27001 application, organisation and datacentres

End user 2 factor authentication, organisation security settings, privacy and permission settings

Maintenance, platform upgrades and technical support online for opexo

Relationship Accounts add-on – optional (now or in future) for a small extra fee

QEHS Package

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Security Package

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Combined Package

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