What to consider when buying a management system

What is right now and for the future?

Before we built our own business & compliance management system we looked for something easy to use, practical and affordable off the shelf that also met the security and reliability expectations needed for software of this type.  Sadly that didn’t exist, despite lots of searching.

You already know that no ‘off the shelf’ low-cost management system will be 100% complete for your business needs. Anyone promising that with their documentation and software will be telling you lies. We have the scars!
opexo gets you a long way forward the minute you receive your welcome email. It’s preconfigured with your subscription scope and substantial ‘actionable documentation’ to give you a great head start.  With its versatility and flexibility it is also a neat future proof option as your business grows or changes.

A whole system approach

opexo is a very good management system in comparison to anything else for this price point offering the breadth of functionality inside a secure cloud software service that you can also trust. So lets understand more about what to consider and how to conduct management system & compliance tool comparisons.

With opexo, we focus on the whole management system, it makes life much easier and lowers total cost, freeing you up to concentrate on what you are trying to achieve rather than waste time on how.

If you already have documentation from an existing management or compliance system then opexo will be very quick to show an improvement and change for the better.  If you also have tools and applications you want to keep using, that’s fine too.  Just link them into opexo at the relevant place and adapt any relevant documentation to reflect that change, then delete or hide the tools and frameworks we prebuilt.

Comparison considerations

In thinking about the management system you need for small growing business success, it can’t distract you from the core business objectives or prevent you from working the way you want to. The system has got to help you avoid unnecessary physical resource and of course keep total financial outlay to a minimum too (not just the tech, it’s people that cost the most). The key then is a balance between content and technology to equip the people involved to get the job done well, efficiently and effectively.

Creating content from zero is really hard but just buying basic documentation toolkits from other vendors doesn’t do it either (and costs more than the annual fee for opexo!)

You’ll need to purchase specific tools to do certain jobs or spend time building them yourself.  For example, buying an old-fashioned on-premise risk management tool from a popular vendor in this space is equivalent to another annual fee from opexo and you’ll invest far more time trying to make it work for you too.

Then you will need policies & controls governance systems, incident and action management trackers, supplier contract applications and more.  It will possibly mean spending many thousands each year on applications that don’t join up, or waste valuable physical time in making it all work. Many systems on the market were built by specialists for specialists, not ordinary busy people, so have a much higher learning and cost of use as well. Numerous solutions have also failed to keep pace with change as standards have evolved, meaning they encourage you to work in out of date ways that auditors would frown on too.

Once that solution is all in place you’ll want to securely deliver it to the people in scope of the management system, then maintain and improve it over time to keep your certification and system working too – phew!

opexo helps with it all, in one place securely in the cloud.

Download our simple checklist now for the 10 key things to consider when buying management system and compliance software.

opexo Pricing options

We have 3 packages for you to choose from depending on your goals, and clear pricing to suit the size of your team.

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